Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair

NOAA's 'Taking the Pulse of the Planet' Award recognizes outstanding student projects in ocean, coastal, Great Lakes, weather, and climate sciences.

NOAA's Office of Education supports student research on issues related to our agency’s mission. Since 2005, the Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award has served to recognize outstanding projects.

Heather Eberhart, 2011 winner of the NOAA award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, discusses the value of the science fair experience. (John McLaughlin/NOAA)

Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair

Regeneron International Science and Engineering Festival offsite link (ISEF) occurs annually and is the largest international pre-college science competition. NOAA sponsors Regeneron ISEF as a Special Award Organization offsite link and offers cash awards and certificates signed by the NOAA Administrator. Explore past winners of the NOAA Special Awards. 

Local and regional science fairs

NOAA provides award packets to the approximately 550 local and regional science fairs in the United States and territories that feed into ISEF. These award packets include a letter of congratulations and a certificate signed by the Director of NOAA Education. The packets are distributed with a letter to the directors of the fairs explaining the criteria and judging procedure for the award.

NOAA employees and contractors: Interested in serving as a judge at a local or regional science fair?

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We offer our sincere congratulations to the award winners and to all students who perform research and participate in science fairs.