Bay Watershed Education and Training Program Communication Toolkit

As a NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) grantee or Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) practitioner, your organization plays a critical role in promoting locally relevant MWEEs for K-12 audiences. We want to help you share your story with other educators, leaders, and community members to elevate local awareness and demonstrate your project’s value to environmental education, as well as build support for environmental education.  

This toolkit includes a variety of materials to help you communicate about your project. Most of the items in the toolkit are designed to serve as a template that you can customize to meet your project’s unique needs.

The communication materials include the following:

All communication material content was built on a set of strategic, foundational messages. Though some materials might seem similar in nature, they are designed to deliver clear, consistent, concise communication products to a variety of audiences through different formats.

When communicating about your B-WET project, it is important to remember to acknowledge NOAA B-WET support and use the NOAA logo, where appropriate. Please see below for guidance.

Acknowledge support

NOAA B-WET support should be acknowledged in all electronic and print materials and all communications with the media and public about your NOAA-funded B-WET project. Please contact your regional program manager if you have questions about how to acknowledge NOAA support.

Use the NOAA logo

Contact your B-WET regional manager for guidance of NOAA logo use and other specific requirements, as some regions may require additional NOAA office logos as well.

Please refer to this webpage for more information on NOAA emblem usage and licensing. 

Are you a current B-WET grantee interested in having your project's resources featured in NOAA Education resource collections? If so, please see this guidance document