Office of Education

Building a future workforce and scientifically literate public ready to adapt to a changing environment.
A school group engages in a dive show at the Tennessee Aquarium, a NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant recipient.
Courtesy of Todd Stailey, Tennessee Aquarium
Earth Revealed on NOAA's Science On a Sphere at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.
About the Office of Education //

The Office of Education works to advance education both within NOAA and with the public we serve. We provide scholarships and collaborate with universities to prepare the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds in NOAA-related fields. We offer competitive grants and establish partnerships to integrate NOAA science into schools and organizations. Lastly, we help coordinate educational activities across NOAA and with external partners to ensure that these efforts are effective and continually improved.

students have been supported by Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions programs since 2001.
institutions were funded by NOAA B-WET to bring experiential environmental learning to K-12 audiences in fiscal year 2019.
institutions received support from the Environmental Literacy Program to provide NOAA-related information, exhibits, and programs in fiscal year 2019.
people engaged in NOAA-supported learning experiences through the Environmental Literacy Program in fiscal year 2019.
educators received professional development to help incorporate Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences into their classrooms in fiscal year 2019.
students participated in inquiry-based activities both in the classroom and outdoors through NOAA B-WET in fiscal year 2019.
different majors have been studied by Hollings scholars and alumni since 2001.