NOAA employees can reserve the Science On a Sphere® at NOAA's Silver Spring headquarters for meetings, presentations, and events. Examples include:

  • Scientific discussions
  • Content creation and testing
  • Presentations to leadership, partners, and decision-makers
  • Media events
  • Receptions and special events
  • Community education and outreach

NOAA employees can view the full calendar and reserve the sphere.offsite link

Please check the calendar for available dates and complete the form when you have found a suitable date and time. The room can comfortably seat up to 50 people.

Any NOAA employee may request to reserve the Science On a Sphere facility in SSMC3 for official NOAA events. These event requests are reviewed by the SOS team, who will approve events based on the following criteria:

  • Events should support the work of line offices. NOAA encourages staff to use the space for scientific discussions, content creation, media briefings, and presentations to leadership or partner institutions.
  • External groups that wish to visit SOS in SSMC should already be associated with a NOAA program. The NOAA employee coordinating a visit should reserve the SOS facility and request a presenter through their line office. Outside groups not affiliated with NOAA are encouraged to visit SOS installations at museums or science centers that are better able to accommodate group visits. For a complete list of locations, visit
  • Requests for personal use are not likely to be approved. We encourage non-NOAA visitors to stop by during public open hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or visit SOS at other institutions.

If you are interested in becoming a Science On a Sphere presenter, please email We offer training sessions  multiple times throughout the year.