Welcome back to campus! Starting on April 25, 2022, NOAA employees and affiliates can once again reserve the Science On a Sphere® at NOAA's Silver Spring headquarters. With this stunning, interactive, global display, you can show global visualizations and bring NOAA’s mission to life in your  meetings, presentations, and events. Appropriate uses of the space include:

  • Scientific discussions
  • Data visualization creation and testing
  • Presentations to leadership, partners, and decision-makers
  • Media events
  • Receptions and special events
  • Education, community, and outreach events.

To keep everyone safe, the protocol for using the Science On a Sphere room will follow NOAA’s 2022 Reintegration Plan. Masking and other requirements at NOAA are based on the current COVID-19 Community Level calculated by the CDC. Note: The community level is calculated daily, so the requirements may change between the time you make a reservation and when your event takes place.

NOAA COVID-19 Community Level Mitigation Measures
NOAA COVID-19 Community Level Mitigation Measures

Frequently asked questions

Who can reserve the SOS room?

Any NOAA employee or affiliate may request to reserve the Science On a Sphere facility in SSMC3 for NOAA events.

What times and days can I reserve the room?

The room can be reserved all weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Reservations will be accepted in a first come, first served basis. Weekend events are possible but it would depend on staff availability, thus we encourage events to be held during weekdays.

How many people can attend at one time?

The room can comfortably host up to 25 people.

How do I make a reservation?

NOAA employees and affiliates can email for reservations and more information. 

Can external groups visit the SOS room?

External groups that wish to visit SOS in SSMC must already be associated with a NOAA program. The NOAA employee or affiliate coordinating a visit should reserve the SOS facility and indicate whether or not they need a presenter for the sphere.  

Outside groups that are not affiliated with NOAA are encouraged to visit SOS installations at museums or science centers that are better able to accommodate group visits. For a complete list of locations, visit

Can I request the room for personal use?

SOS in SSMC is for official use only. Requests for personal use are not likely to be approved.

How can I become a Science On a Sphere presenter?

If you are interested in becoming a Science On a Sphere presenter, please email We offer training sessions throughout the year.



The Science On a Sphere room in SSMC is located in the lobby of Building 3 (with the large statue of a hand outside)

Street Address:

1315 East-West Highway

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Metered parking is located in the same building as the Science On a Sphere exhibit.