Resilience hub

The Environmental Literacy Program (ELP) offers competitive grants that help communities build the environmental literacy necessary for resilience to extreme weather, climate change, and other environmental hazards.

This page is a hub for NOAA-related resilience resources. Here, you can peruse the agency's related assets, explore ELP-funded resilience projects, and learn more about our grantee community. The ELP Community Resilience Education Theory of Change can also be found on this hub.

A group of people gather around a laptop, engaged in discussion
Arizona State University, an Environmental Literacy Program grantee, engages Phoenix, Arizona, residents in a public forum exploring how communities might adapt to extreme heat and drought. (Arizona State University)

Open opportunities

The current ELP funding opportunity is now open. It is designed for projects that develop the collective environmental literacy necessary for communities to take actions that build resilience to extreme weather and climate change in ways that contribute to community health, social cohesion, and socio-economic equity. For more information, see the apply page. 

Resilience assets

Looking for tools to better understand your community’s environmental threats and what you can do to prepare for them? Explore our list of resilience resources from NOAA, NOAA partners, and other related organizations.

Resilience awards

From Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands, ELP grantees are using education to increase resilience in their home communities. Find details about each funded project on our awards map. The ELP photo story also highlights a variety of grantees that are working on resilience projects across the country.

Workshop reports

Every year and a half, ELP resilience grantees come together to share ideas, best practices, and lessons learned from their NOAA-funded projects. Read the reports from these workshops below.

Resilience Education Theory of Change

The NOAA Environmental Literacy Program has developed a Community Resilience Education Theory of Change to lay out the conceptual framework of how education can lead to increased community resilience, which serves as the overarching philosophy guiding its grants program. This theory of change is a living document that will be updated regularly to reflect progress made by the Environmental Literacy Program, the grantees, as well as other contributions to the field of resilience education.  

Past competitions

You can view summaries for resilience-related ELP grant competitions as well as the full text of each competition’s federal funding opportunity below. To see all ELP awards, visit the Grants page.

2020-2021: Supporting the education of K-12 students and the public for community resilience 
Competition summary

Federal funding opportunity: NOAA-SEC-OED-2020-2006190

2018-2019: Supporting the education of K-12 students and the public for community resilience  
Competition summary

Federal funding opportunity: NOAA-SEC-OED-2018-2005455

2016-2017: Strengthening the Public's and/or K-12 Students' Environmental Literacy for Community Resilience
Competition summary

Federal funding opportunity: NOAA-SEC-OED-2016-2004737

2015: ELG for Community Resilience to Extreme Weather Events and Environmental Changes
Competition summary

Federal funding opportunity: NOAA-SEC-OED-2015-2004408