Environmental Literacy Program's resilience assets

The Environmental Literacy Program helps communities become more resilient to extreme weather events and other environmental hazards they face. Resilient communities are able to make informed decisions that reduce their vulnerability to environmental hazards and stresses that emerge over time. They can withstand these hazards and stresses with minimal damage to their social well-being, economy, and the environment. The education community can use the following physical and intellectual assets in projects designed to increase community resilience.

Note: NOAA’s resilience education grantees are part of a growing community of practice that work together to address challenges, improve their programs, and discuss emerging best practices in this field. Information on existing projects, workshop reports, and past competitions can be found on the Resilience Hub.

Please note that this list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all of resilience assets.

NOAA & NOAA-partner resilience assets

Non-NOAA resilience assets

Other NOAA assets

NOAA has many other assets that are not specifically focused on resilience but may be useful for supporting resilience-focused projects.

Climate workforce-related resources

Other reports and frameworks