Climate Resilience in Your Community Activity Book

Think about where you live. Have you ever been in a strong storm? Have you experienced flooding, a wildfire, or really hot days? These types of environmental hazards are happening more often because of climate change. Even though these events can be scary, there is so much you can do in your own community to make it better able to handle these challenges. When we work together to protect our communities from environmental hazards, we are building community resilience.

In these activities, you will learn all about community resilience and discover ways that you can make a difference.

How to use this activity book

You can view the activity book online, as an eBook, or print it on 8.5 inches x 11 inches standard printer paper. To request a hardcopy of the activity book, please email

The activity book was designed for learners in grades 3-8 for use in formal and informal educational settings. Each of the six sections of the book mirrors key concepts from the NOAA Environmental Literacy Program's Theory of Change to help learners identify ways to build resilience to climate change in their own communities. The end of the book includes additional activities and resources. 

To go along with the activity book, we developed an Educators’ Guide to help educators facilitate the activities. The Guide includes tips for adjusting each activity for different grade levels, alignment of the activities with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and additional resources.


Participants provide feedback on students' resilience plans at the Resilient Schools Consortium's 2nd Student Summit at Brooklyn College.

Environmental Literacy Program

NOAA’s Environmental Literacy Program supports projects that both inspire and educate people to use Earth system science to increase ecosystem stewardship and resilience to extreme weather, climate change, and other environmental hazards. The program builds capacity for institutions and networks to advance NOAA’s mission through formal (K-12) and informal education at national, regional, and local levels.

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Nurture Nature Center

Nurture Nature Center offsite link (NNC) is a non-profit based in Easton, PA dedicated to engaging youth and adults in learning about environmental risks and building community resiliency by leveraging the power of informal science education, engagement in the arts, and community dialogue and networking. Some of NNC's programming includes community presentations and events, a NOAA Science On a Sphere® exhibit, and capacity for social science research and outreach. NNC is a recipient of an Environmental Literacy Program award.