Office of Education Coordination

The Office of Education is a staff office located in NOAA Headquarters. In addition to running our own grant and scholarship programs, we represent and coordinate education across NOAA.

Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center Network ❯

The Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center (CELC) Network is a consortium of 27 aquariums and marine science education centers located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

NOAA Education Council ❯

The Office of Education chairs the NOAA Education Council. NOAA educators from offices across the agency come together in the Council to collaborate, share ideas, and continually improve NOAA Education. 

NOAA Citizen Science ❯

Citizen scientists help NOAA collect information about the ocean and atmosphere. The Office of Education supports the NOAA Citizen Science Community of Practice and connects NOAA projects to 

Science On a Sphere Users Collaborative Network ❯

The Science On a Sphere Users Collaborative Network (SOS Network) is composed of institutions who use Science On a Sphere® in an educational setting. It serves as a forum for sharing information on the creation of new content, technical improvements, and evaluations.

Interagency Committees

The Office of Education also represents the NOAA education community at interagency committees. Through these committees, federal agencies work together to advance education.