The latest news about our Hollings scholars
Kate Bemis and Bruce Collette in 2016 after they submitted their book, which Kate worked on during her Hollings summer internship, for peer review.


'Is my camera on?' NOAA scholars overcome challenges in a 'virtual' reality

EPP/MSI scholar Adriana Muñoz refers to her 2020 summer internship as an exciting roller coaster that she completed from the comfort of a corner in her room. Here, she shows a diagram of a drone that she developed a lightweight winch for during her internship.


NOAA welcomes the 2020 undergraduate scholars

Hollings scholar Caitlin Ford is analyzing Short Range Ensemble Forecast Dry Thunderstorm Probabilistic Model Guidance during her internship with the National Weather Service at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma. In addition to her research project, Caitlin is shadowing forecasters at the NWS Storm Prediction Center (where this photo was taken) and the Norman Weather Forecast Office this summer to learn more about potential career paths in meteorology.


Then and now: Meet two Hollings alumni who give back to the scholarship

A side-by-side photo of Alek Krautmann, a management and program analyst for NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) and Damian Manda, a Lieutenant Commander in the NOAA Corps.


What surprised you about working in an estuary? 12 scholars share their insights

Katie Hearther, a 2018 NOAA Hollings scholar, assisted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game with their razor clam surveys, which monitor the health of the population and check for toxins. Surveys were conducted at Clam Gulch, Kenai Peninsula.


Explore NOAA scholarships as undergraduates #TakeoverTuesday

Savannah Miller, a 2018 NOAA Hollings scholar, takes in the scenery while kayaking in the Sitka Sound in Sitka, Alaska, during her summer internship.

NOAA welcomes the 2019 undergraduate scholars

NOAA scholars at the 2018 Science & Education Symposium at NOAA Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.


How the Hollings Scholarship helped shape one scientist's career path

Charlie Waters, a Hollings Scholarship alum from the class of  2007, shares his experience as a scholar and how it helped shape his career path.


NOAA student scholarship honors life and legacy of Ernest 'Fritz' Hollings

NOAA Hollings Scholars from the classes of 2011 and 2012 met with Senator Ernest F Hollings (center) at the University of South Carolina’s Hollings Library.


NOAA undergraduate scholars #TakeoverTuesday to promote the 2019 application season

NOAA Scholars (left to right) Adrian Teegarden, Anna Lowien, Ashley Bang and Megan Hazlett are all doing research projects related to the life cycles and habitats of salmon and forage fish in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. As you can see, they've been out conducting field work in some of Alaska's most beautiful bays!

Meet 5 NOAA scholars who trained as scientists in coastal reserves

Annette Carlson, an Oceanography major at Humboldt State University, is interning with the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve, studying Blue Carbon with depth. Specifically, she's taking sediment cores along a salinity gradient and she's interested to see if environmental factors like salinity or grain size have an influence on the concentration of carbon with depth.



NOAA scholars are making waves in the private sector

Dr. Kersey Sturdivant, an Educational Partnership Program alum, conducts an environmental assessment for the Block Island Wind Farm.

NOAA celebrates undergraduate scholars on National Intern Day 2018

Samantha Iliff is a NOAA Hollings Scholar currently interning with the National Marine Fisheries Service at the Restoration Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. She been studying the ecological impacts of the Reef Runway Coral Nursery off of the southern shore of O'ahu, Hawaii. This is one of the first open ocean coral nurseries in Hawaii. Using SCUBA, Samantha counted and recorded fish assemblages on the nursery structure.

NOAA scholars study and raise awareness for ocean acidificationoffsite link

Hollings Scholar Melissa Drown presenting a poster on the high-frequency CO2 system design at the Larval Fish Conference in Austin, TX.

Announcing the 2018 NOAA scholars!

NOAA Scholars in Silver Spring, MD, for the Science and Education Symposium.

Ten cool things you can do as a NOAA scholar

Hollings Scholar Meghan Shea.

Science meets education where the river meets the sea - Estuaries Week 2017

Hollings Undergraduate Scholars who interned with the National Estuarine Research Reserves summer 2017.

NOAA Scholars wrap up a summer of research and education

Hollings Scholar Amber Liggett filming an Owlie Skywarn video during her education and outreach internship with the National Weather Service.

2017 National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) Scholars

2017 Hollings Scholars Rachel Phinney and Chase Graham of NCEI.

2017 National Marine Sanctuaries Scholars

Emily Coulson during her Hollings internship with NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

2017 MIT Sea Grant Scholarsoffsite link

MIT Sea Grant Hollings Scholars Caleb Perez and Tzofi Klinghoffer

NOAA Scholars are a force for hurricane research

Hollings Scholar Lauren Cutler in front of a P-3 "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft during her internship at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL.

For NOAA Scholars, Every Day is Earth Day

Hollings Scholar Austin Hunter during his summer internship with the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program working on a pilot scale coral nursery for growing corals of opportunity.

Three Hollings Alumni awarded Rhodes & Marshall Scholarships

PHOTO - Meghan Shea Jory Fleming Bailey Anderson Hollings Scholars - 120216 - NOAA - Landscape

Celebrate National #EstuariesWeek 2016 with 5 #NOAAScholars!

(Left to Right) Alena Reynolds (Western Washington University), Dr. Jude Apple (mentor) and Hollings Scholar Danielle Siegert conducting field studies at Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Washington.


Hollings & EPP/MSI Undergraduate Presentation Awards 2016

NOAA Scholars in Silver Spring, MD, for the Science and Education Symposium.


NOAA Hollings Scholars well represented at three major scientific conferences

Srishti Dasarathy’s poster at the ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting. Srishti is a Hollings Scholar from the University of North Carolina. (Photo Credit: Srishti Dasarathy)







2015 Hollings Internship Feature: National Marine Sanctuaries

Alexandria Barkman, Hollings Intern with NOAA Sanctuaries at Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.







Hollings & EPP/MSI Undergraduate Scholars Complete Summer Internships

Left to right, Back Row: Dr. Spinrad, Katrina Rosemond, Charlotte Eckmann, Samantha Levell, Amanda Murphy, Milton Martinez-Torres, Thomas Ludwig, Julia Maine, Joshua Wadler

Front Row: Danielle Cox, Abigail Hummel, Emily Wallingford, Leigh Terry, Lewis Kunik