B-WET resources

B-WET has gathered a variety of resources to support B-WET grantees and other MWEE practitioners.

MWEE resources

  • B-WET and its partners have developed resources to support implementation of MWEEs

B-WET grantee resources

  • B-WET has developed resources to support grantee reporting and evaluation and sharing your work with NOAA.

B-WET national evaluation

  • Learn more about the B-WET national evaluation system and how you can participate.

Communication toolkit

  • The B-WET program created a communication toolkit to help grantees and MWEE practitioners share their stories with other educators, leaders, and community members to elevate local awareness and demonstrate their project’s value to environmental education, as well as build support for environmental education and MWEEs in general.

Are you a potential applicant looking for resources to apply for a B-WET grant? Please visit our apply page.