Grantee resources

B-WET has developed resources to support grantee reporting and evaluation.

Progress reports

Please see the NOAA B-WET Progress Report Guidance (doc) for a suggested format for project progress reports.

MWEE definition

The B-WET program uses evaluation and evidence-based practices to improve the core B-WET experience, the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE). The MWEE framework is based on research literature, evaluation results, and lessons learned over a decade of program implementation. A PDF version of the MWEE definition is also available. 

Likeness and profile release guidance

NOAA is required to get permission from all individuals when collecting their portraits, images, videos, audio recordings, names, and biographical information to use in communication, education, and outreach products. NOAA release forms can be found in English and in Spanish.

This approved NOAA release form may also meet grant partner release needs. Grantee-developed release forms may meet NOAA’s requirements, but will need to be reviewed and approved by NOAA. If you do not have, or cannot collect, an approved release form, please limit your photo submissions to photos that do not show faces. For more guidance on use of release forms please contact your regional program manager.  

Communication toolkit

The B-WET program created a communication toolkit to help grantees and MWEE practitioners share their stories with other educators, leaders, and community members to elevate local awareness and demonstrate their project’s value to environmental education, as well as build support for environmental education and MWEEs in general.

The toolkit includes a variety of materials to help grantees and and MWEE practitioners communicate about their project including: general B-WET background information, sample press release, sample news blast content, and sample social media posts. 

How to get your B-WET funded project featured on NOAA Education

This document provides guidance for how to get your educational resources created through a B-WET grant featured in NOAA Education resource collections. Check out our B-WET grantee resources currently featured in the resource collections.

B-WET national evaluation system

The B-WET national evaluation system began data collection in 2014. It helps the program monitor and adjust activities based on information about best practices, and support grantees in using those practices. Learn more about the national evaluation system and how you can participate.