Abalone aquaculture education pilot project

2021 eeBLUE mini-grant awardee - Goleta, California

In a local partnership between the Cultured Abalone Farm offsite linkNOAA Fisheries Southwest Fisheries Science Center, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center offsite link, this project provided high school students, informal educators, and the general public with the knowledge and experiences necessary to understand sustainable aquaculture and the important role it plays in white abalone restoration. Through farm tours, informal learning experiences with Sea Center staff and volunteers, and collaboration with exhibit designers, partners upgraded aquaculture exhibits and co-developed a high school-level unit of instruction focused on abalone aquaculture.

To hear more from the partners themselves, watch the video below or visit their February 2022 Harvest stories post: Bringing aquaculture mainstream.

This presentation was shared on February 8, 2023 at the eeBLUE aquaculture literacy mini-grant symposium.