2016 Competition Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs regarding the closed NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions competition: NOAA-SEC-OED-2016-2004758

2016 FFO (Solicitation) 

1.) How many applications were submitted?

A total of 15 applications were submitted.

2.) How were applications reviewed?

All applications were competitively reviewed by a technical panel comprised of a balanced group of experts in postsecondary NOAA mission-relevant science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and training, research, and administrative functions.  

3.) What criteria were used by the technical merit review panel?

Using the published FFO evaluation merit review criteria, the panel assessed conceptual adequacy, design, assemblage of appropriate expertise, and relevance to the goals and priorities of the NOAA OEd EPP/MSI Cooperative Science Centers.

4.) How many applications were selected for awards?

For each of the four Center Types, one application was selected for an award. A total of four awards were made from this competition.

5.) What criteria were used to select an application?

In this completion, for each Center Type, the proposal submitted by the award recipient was: (i) scored the highest in the technical merit review process, and (ii) satisfied the selection factors in the published FFO.

6.) Can an applicant receive the reviewers’ comments?

Upon request to the Program, the Principal Investigator may be provided the summary comments from the technical merit review.

7.) Can an applicant receive a debrief about the review of their application?

If an applicant has questions, please contact the program by email (oed.epp10@noaa.gov) to set up a teleconference to discuss the review panel summary.  The NOAA Program Office recommends waiting until after receiving, reading and evaluating the merit review panel comments.