OCIO programs

Big Data Program

The NOAA Big Data Program (BDP) will provide public access to NOAA's open data on commercial cloud platforms through public-private partnerships. These partnerships will remove obstacles to the public use of NOAA data, help avoid costs and risks associated with federal data access services, and leverage operational public-private partnerships with the cloud computing and information services industries.

Geospatial Information Systems

Geospatial technologies provide a framework for the collection, storage, analysis and dissemination of "NOAA's Environmental Intelligence." The GIS management team ensures data quality, standards compliance, documentation, access, archiving and more to ensure that NOAA maximizes the value and return on investment for NOAA geospatial data products. 

High Performance Computing & Communications

High Performance Computing & Communications (HPCC) improves the accuracy and timeliness NOAA's short-term weather warnings and forecasts, as well as regional and global climate and ecosystem predictions. High Performance Computing (HPC) Initiatives provide necessary computational and network resources required to advance in environmental modeling capabilities across NOAA.

Radio Frequency Management

The Radio Frequency Management Division (RFMD) is the designated office to ensure the availability and usability of radio frequency spectrum to radio users in the Department of Commerce (DOC). In addition, FRMD staff ensure that all spectrum activities are in compliance with federal and international regulations. 


NOAALink Program

NOAALink is an innovative and strategic IT infrastructure planning and acquisition process offering NOAA's IT organizations a broad range of cost-effective, enterprise-wide IT solutions, while improving IT service delivery and meeting NOAA's technology, contracting, and financial goals. NOAALinks helps organizations across NOAA, as well as the broader Department of Commerce, partner with industry to acquire a complete range of IT solutions.​

Homeland Security Program

The NOAA Homeland Security Program Office (HSPO) serves NOAA for central emergency response and incident management providing critical planning, programs and policy ot NOAA leadership and the nationwide staff. The office strengthens the agency’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other significant events or emergencies.