N-Wave Service Catalog

N-Wave provides a robust catalog of services to its federal stakeholder partners.

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N-Wave Provided Services

N-Wave offers key technical services as described in the N-Wave Service Catalog. The N-Wave Service Level Agreement further defines the expected service performance, metrics and delivery. The following technical service areas are offered. Costs for specific services are provided upon receipt of an N-Wave service request offsite link with required additional customer information.

  • Enterprise Transport Services (Layer 0-3)
  • Trusted Internet Connection Access Provider (TICAP)
  • Enterprise Network Services
  • Enterprise Cloud Services
  • Network Operations
  • Security Controls

Engineering Services

N-Wave is committed to providing innovative, customer service driven engineering to support all transport capabilities and customer requirements through:

  • Network assessments (WAN/LAN)
  • Wireless network assessments
  • Network design and strategy consulting
  • Network deployment
  • Special projects

Network Operations

N-Wave is committed to providing 24x7x365, highly available, world-class network operations with an emphasis on professional and customer service driven interaction delivered across Tier-1, 2 and 3 levels of engineering service, advanced monitoring, measurement, visualization and analysis tool sets. Network operations is provided to all N-Wave customers who utilize transport, network and cloud services; however, the following services can be leveraged to customize individual Line Office or program needs:

  • NOC Service Desk (Tier-1)
  • Tier-2 engineering support
  • Tier-3 engineering support
  • Custom tool development and systems support
  • Advanced network measurement and visualization service
  • Common Operating Picture Environment (COPE) dashboard
  • Customer Grafana dashboards

Value-Added Services

Through direct customer engagement, requirements gathering, and active monitoring, N-Wave continually seeks options to enhance deployed-in-place services, improve technology and capability of the current N-Wave network infrastructure. N-Wave is also looking to the future with the design and engineering of the next generation of N-Wave infrastructure. At all levels, N-Wave collaborates and partners with NOAA, the research & education network community, commercial businesses and other federal agencies who are dedicated to exploring and implementing new and advanced networking technologies. The N-Wave program embodies a culture of networking and all N-Wave customers benefit from the program’s involvement in:

  • Performance capacity planning
  • Dedicated program support
  • Diverse teams with strong science, research and education (SR&E) collaboration and advanced tools
  • Recurring customer project and planning calls
  • Direct customer requirement gathering sessions
  • Test beds and proof of concepts
  • Technology exchanges and community workshops
  • Stakeholders and science engagement meetings

To view the full N-Wave Service Catalog, click here.

N-Wave Service Information Sheets

For general information about N-Wave’s program or services, contact nwave-communications@noaa.gov. For service inquiries or issue-related concerns about an existing N-Wave service, contact N-Wave NOC offsite link.

World map illustration with light beams connecting locations
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