ORION – the fourth largest academic supercomputer to date and is capable of more than 5,000 trillion calculations per second. MSU is strengthening its reputation as a leader for cutting-edge computational research with 72,000 processing cores and nearly 350 terabytes of Random Access Memory(RAM).

Orion is funded via a grant from NOAA to support research activities in environmental modeling, including weather modeling and simulation. The system provides additional high performance computing capacity to run large, more complex and more detailed environmental models, while advancing the historical and on-going relationships between MSU and NOAA scientists. The partnership with MSU provides greater research opportunities with our collaborators and provides millions of compute hours to enhance NOAA’s scientific research. The new HPC computer will also be used by research scientists and students working with NOAA, MSU, and the Northern Gulf Institute, NOAA’s cooperative institute based at MSU, which includes five additional academic institutions in Mississippi, Florida and Alabama.

Image is of the Mississippi State University Orion supercomputer located in Starkville, MS. Orion is a Dell supercomputer with 72,000 Skylake Processors and consists of multiple black with blue lighting cabinets (16 are shown in the image). The racks of hardware components are stacked vertically to save space,  allow for ease of connecting the many nodes and cores of the supercomputer, and improve efficiency in cooling. The racks are also labeled with Chilled Door Rack Cooling system and have a status