Post Processing and Analysis (PPAN) –  The PPAN is a small cluster comprised of over 130 Dell servers located in GFDL in Princeton, NJ.  These systems have over one petabyte of disk storage and access to nearly 200 petabytes of archive storage.  Combined with various generations of Intel processors, from Sandy Bridge to Coffee Lake, each with specifications that range from 48-512GB of memory, and designed to provide a system that can meet any user’s demand.

PPAN supports GFDL’s science community by providing a place to further analyze and interpret models generated on other HPC systems.  This gives users a local system to experiment and evaluate with various degrees of control and validation of complex processes and tasks.  PPAN is also a host to various software packages including MATLAB and other complex combinations of Python & R libraries.

Image is of racks of 130 Dell servers located in Princeton, NJ. These provide 201 Petabyte of total storage that enables the scientists to perform complex processes and analysis of weather data.