Our Mission

The mission of the Grants Online Program Management Office is to provide the Department of Commerce (DOC) with a single unified grant processing and administration system, using an electronic solution that will reduce processing time and increase efficiency.

Our Users

Federal Program Office
 There are two areas of focus for Federal Program Offices:

  • The PRE-AWARD/AWARD page highlights all processes and user manuals for applications that have not been awarded yet.
  • The POST-AWARD/CLOSEOUT page highlights all processes and user manuals for awards that have been accepted by the Grantee.


The Grantee or Grant Recipient page highlights all processes and user manuals for accepting an award through award reporting and maintenance. 

Grants Management

Grants Management personnel are Federal users that perform various actions throughout the life cycle of an award. This page has user manuals appropriate for this user group. 


Reviewer uses Grants Online to provide input or review and evaluate applications.  This link takes you to the Reviewers Quick Reference Guide. 

Our In Person Training

The Grants Online Training Classes and Webinars page has details and materials for all training opportunities.

Our Process

The following diagram highlights the various aspects of the Grants life cycle, and will help you determine which link to select under the Our Users section.

Infographic showing the Grants Life Cycle - KEY: (F)= Federal User Functionality; (G)= Grantee and Federal User Functionality; (R)=Reviewer Functionality - Column 1, Pre-Award: (F) Create/Review RFA/FFO in Grants Online, Post FFO/Application at Grants.gov; (F) Notify Applicants (Non-Comp only); (G) Submit Applications via Grants.gov; (F) Receive Applications via Grants.gov; (F) Review Application Packages (Minimum Requirements); (R) Review, Evaluate Applications - Column 2, Award: (F) Recommend Applicant


Our Contact Information

Grants Online Help Desk

Phone Number: (240) 533-9533 
E-mail: grantsonline.helpdesk@noaa.gov

Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST