IT Operations & Services

IT Security Program

The Cyber Security Division is responsible for the development of policy as well as planning and oversight of all IT security, to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of NOAA data and information.  In that vein, they oversee the accreditation of NOAA's IT systems; develop and implement annual IT security awareness and technical training; provide proactive and reactive measures to protect NOAA IT resources against malicious incidents; provide continuous enterprise monitoring and situational awareness across NOAA.

  • The NOAA IT Security Awareness Training offsite link is a MANDATORY annual training requirement for users of NOAA information systems including all NOAA employees, contractors, and temporary personnel as well as temporary personnel like visitors, guest workers, associates, etc., who plan to work at a NOAA site and use NOAA IT resources for more than a month.
  • NOAA IT Security Incident Response offsite link - a report MUST be submitted as soon as possible if you are involved in or suspect you are involved in an IT security-related incident.

Radio Frequency Management

The Radio Frequency Management Division (RFMD) is the designated office to ensure the availability and usability of radio frequency spectrum to radio users in the Department of Commerce (DOC). In addition, FRMD staff ensure that all spectrum activities are in compliance with federal and international regulations. 

Homeland Security Program

The NOAA Homeland Security Program Office (HSPO) serves NOAA for central emergency response and incident management providing critical planning, programs and policy ot NOAA leadership and the nationwide staff. The office strengthens the agency’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other significant events or emergencies. The following links provide access to NOAA internal resources important for quick access by NOAA staff:


NOAALink is an innovative and strategic IT infrastructure planning and acquisition process offering NOAA's IT organizations a broad range of cost-effective, enterprise-wide IT solutions, while improving IT service delivery and meeting NOAA's technology, contracting, and financial goals. NOAALinks helps organizations across NOAA, as well as the broader Department of Commerce, partner with industry to acquire a complete range of IT solutions.​

IT Service Delivery

Service Delivery Division (SDD) provides services to NOAA staff and for IT operations across NOAA.  SDD provides infrastructure and/or support for end-user computing services; enterprise services and system security; enterprise networks; infrastructure operations and management; web site development and hosting; IT acquisitions planning ans execution; and data center management to support and enable NOAA's mission areas.

Grants Online

Provides the Department of Commerce (DOC) with a single unified grant processing and administration system, using an electronic solution that will reduce processing time and increase efficiency.  The Grants Online Program Office interfaces with the initiative to provide “one-stop” shopping for Federal grants related activities. The Program Office also provides training and infrastructure support for the Grants Online system users throughout the grants life cycle.


N-Wave is NOAA's Enterprise network built on partnerships and relationships among NOAA and the Academic and State research network communities. The network connects researchers to data and resources needed to advance environmental science, advancing our understanding of the environment, Disseminating data across the globe, modeling severe weather, and enabling ensemble forecasting. Learn more about N-Wave and review their real-time