Software - As heterogeneous computing architectures and their associated programming environments mature, the interplay between hardware and software application design has become more tightly coupled. NOAA plans to develop an integrated software engineering team, comprised of lab and center personnel, to enhance its software engineering discipline and expertise to achieve optimal code performance and scaling (while maintaining code portability and reproducibility), maximize the efficiency of transitioning research to operations, and enable effective collaborative model development with both internal and external NOAA partners. 

SENA - The Software Engineering for Novel Architectures (SENA) project is an effort to ensure NOAA's model suite is ready for future landscape changes in HPC. In the short term, SENA efforts include support of standards activities, porting codes to fine-grain architectures and examination of programming methods. In the long term, SENA plans to address alternative algorithms and general approaches to solving environmental modeling problems. 

Incubators Program - The HPCC program sponsors an investment to promote innovation in information technology across all elements of NOAA to support its mission. The goal of the program is to identify promising new and innovative technologies or uses for existing technologies that can rapidly be adopted into NOAA applications. Themes for the current year’s incubator projects consisted of artificial intelligence/machine learning, cloud technology, data analytics, and non-traditional uses of HPC.