Grants Online - Known Issues

Grants Online Known Issues

Known issues refers to issues that have been reported but that have a workaround. The linked documents explain how to overcome the issue. 

7. Blank Screen with Grants Online login:   After attempting to log in to Grants Online using the users’ preferred browser, a blank screen may be visible. The blank screen may also occur if the user did not completely close the last active Grants Online session. This  issue was largely resolved in Grants Online Release 5.05. If a blank white screen displays when attempting to log in to Grants Online, use one of the options listed to address the problem:
1.   Open Grants Online in a different browser.
2.   Continue to use the same browser:
      * Close the active browser.
      * Clear the workstation’s system cache.
      * Reopen the preferred browser and log in to Grants Online.

6. Temporary Unavailability of Some Reports: When a Federal user modifies the internal Financial System accounting lines associated with an award, some background processing is required. Until the background process is complete, the grantee will not have access to his/her award. When the processing is complete, grantee access to his/her award is restored.

5. Printout of the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR): If the person preparing the RPPR uses carriage returns (i.e., presses the enter key at the end of a line of text) all 4,000 characters allocated to store the responder’s narrative may not be visible in a printed version of the RPPR. To ensure all 4,000 characters are visible, refrain from using the enter key to advance to the next line. If this guidance is not adhered to only the first 4,000 characters will print. However, the remaining characters will be retained in the electronic version of the document.

4. CBS ERROR: The ASAP details account cannot have more than 100 lines: ASAP awards made since 2015 (with the exception of CI awards) are set up using "Control-Detail" accounts for ASAP and cannot have more than 100 accounting lines during the life of the award. To view additional guidelines visit the Treasury ASAP website and use the Search icon to locate "TAS Distribution Methods."

3. Browser/technology problems: We have identified some limitations of using Grants Online with some browsers/technology. This chart identifies the problem and solution by browser type.

2. Embedded Documents: To successfully open one or more non-PDFs (e.g., Word, Excel) embedded within a PDF file, the user must modify the Adobe Acrobat settings.  

1. Internet Explorer: When accessing Grants Online using Internet Explorer 11, there is a performance issue. In order to adjust your setting, follow these instructions.