Federal Program Office Pre-Award / Award User Resources

1. Federal Program Office User Manuals
These "How-to" manuals show the step-by-step essentials of using the system.
Universal RFA Creation 
Universal Application Processing 
Competitive RFA Creation 
Competitive Application Processing 


Grants Online New Item

IMPORTANT NOTE:   The following presentations are designed to be viewed on a laptop. By default, the interactive presentation has a Text-to-Speech component. To view the presentation without Text-to-Speech, mute the speakers on your workstation. 

2. Competition Manager's Quick Reference Guide
The Competition Manager's Quick Reference Guide provides Competition Managers with instructions for creating and managing Competitions in Grants Online.

3. Renegotiation Reference Guide
The Renegotiation Reference Guide provides guidance to renegotiate the components of an Award File.

4. Specific Award Conditions (SAC) Quick Reference Guide
The Specific Award Conditions Quick Reference Guide provides guidance to edit or add a Specific Award Condition(s) to an Award. 

5. Guidance for NOFO/Synopsis/Standalone FRN Processing
The NOFO guidance document provides specifics on how to create a NOFO.

6. Review Event Guidance
These links provide guidance documents for creating and conducting Review Events in Grants Online:
Create a Review Event 
Conduct a Review Event 
Conduct an Application Review 


7. Amending a RFA/NOFO Quick Reference Guide
The Amending Published RFA/NOFO document provides guidance for making updates to a NOFO or Non-Competitive RFA that has been posted to Grants.gov.

8. NEPA Information
The NEPA Guidance for NOAA, EDA and NTIA website provides guidance for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

9. Place of Performance Guidance
The Place of Performance code Guidance Document provides guidance on entering the Place of Performance code on the Application Details page.

The ASAP TAS/BETC Training document provides specifics on the ASAP TAS/BETC functionality in Grants Online. 

11. CESU Guidance Document
The CESU Guidance Document provides specific guidance on how NOAA can issue awards for CESU partnerships, including eligibility criteria that must be met, roles and responsibilities involved, and steps for establishing awards.