Alaska Region Technology Interchange Consortium (ARTIC)

The Alaska region is one-fifth the size of the Lower 48 and due to a number of challenging factors, the ability to service the state is restricted based on its sheer size, rugged terrain and extreme environmental conditions. It’s a state where rural communities, local institutions and agencies are vastly underserved by limited broadband access and network services. There are a wide variety and number of independent network initiatives in the state working to improve network and broadband access.

In an effort to provide a broader awareness of these projects, share ideas and learn where opportunities may exist for partnerships and ways to leverage resources that are or can be shared, an informal and voluntary consortium of members was established in 2022. 

This consortium is called the Alaska Region Technology Interchange Consortium (ARTIC) and consists primarily of federal and state agencies, the science, research and education community, tribal nations  and other non-profit partners that can learn from each other by discussing member network needs, current opportunities and challenges and by highlighting successful network/connectivity projects completed in Alaska. The following highlights a few of the discussion areas and opportunities for those involved with ARTIC:  

  • Broaden knowledge of, and communication between, members of network architecture, infrastructure and challenges within the Alaska region.
  • Build a holistic understanding and visual representation of the available member networks in the Alaska region.
  • Maintain an ongoing community via in-person events, virtual forums, shared information repository and online video conferences. 
  • Examine the feasibility of shared infrastructure use.
  • Examine the feasibility of an in state peering exchange.

For relevant interested parties, reach out to to receive more information about this initiative and how to participate in meetings.

N-Wave Banner reading Save the Date! Alaska Region Technology Interchange Consortium (ARTIC) Annual Meeting, April 30, 2024 - May 2, 2024, Federal Annex Building, Anchorage, Alaska, on blue background with satellit image of earth.

About the Annual Meeting

The Alaska Region Technology Interchange Consortium (ARTIC) Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30 - Thursday, May 2, 2024. This in-person (with limited live streaming) meeting will be held at the Federal Building Annex, 222 West 8th Avenue in Anchorage, Alaska. This year’s annual meeting features informational discussions about the Alaska peering exchange/Trusted Internet Connection (TIC), interstate communications, technology and broadband projects.

ARTIC is an informal and voluntary consortium of members consisting primarily of federal and state agencies, the science, research and education community, tribal nations and other non-profit partners.

meeting agenda preview is now available and features a slate of exceptional speakers and informational sessions. 

N-Wave is organizing and hosting the meeting.

Who Should Attend

This meeting is targeted to organizations who have a vested interest in broadband and network-related projects in the state of Alaska and is restricted to encourage sharing of non-public information necessary for collaboration and planning among the attendees. 

If you meet the criteria above and are interested in attending this meeting, please reach out to


For any questions or more information, reach out to the N-Wave Communications Team at

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