GAEA - located in Oak Ridge, TN and operated for NOAA by the Department of Energy in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory at ORNL’s National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS). Gaea is capable of more than 5,290 trillion calculations each second, or 5.29 petaflops. The system has a total of 143,936 Intel cores. It also contains 38 petabytes of memory and manufactures Cray’s resilient Gemini interconnect. Gaea is the largest of the four  NOAA research and development systems.

NOAA uses Gaea to study the earth's notoriously complex climate from a variety of angles. Gaea powers research into the relationship between climate change and extreme weather, such as hurricanes. Gaea enables scientists to better understand the relationship between the atmosphere’s chemical makeup and climate and assists to unlock the climate’s role played by the oceans that cover nearly three-quarters of the globe.

Image is of the NOAA Gaea supercomputer located in Oak Ridge, TN. Gaea is a supercomputer with 143,936 Intel cores and consists of multiple black cabinets (19 are shown in the image). The racks of hardware components are stacked vertically to save space, allow for ease of connecting the many nodes and cores of the supercomputer, and to improve efficiency in cooling. In this picture, an artwork is placed in front of the black cabinets showing picturesque hilly coastal scene which has been divided up on the
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