Invasives: Completed projects

Asian Carp Education and Outreach

NOAA is taking advantage of the exceptional outreach and extension programs of the Great Lakes Sea Grant network help educate the public on the risks posed by Asian Carp. Sea Grant extension agents will give presentations to audiences such as boaters, educators, resource managers, and the general public that include up-to-date and accurate information on the threat of Asian Carp invading the Great Lakes.

Contact: Christopher Winslow, Ohio Sea Grant,

Forecasting the Bioeconomic Impacts of Aquatic Invasive Species

This collaborative project combines hundreds of data points from scientific research and risk and economic analyses to provide the first-ever bioeconomic forecasts of the impact that new aquatic invasive species (AIS) will have on the Great Lakes.

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Risk Assessment: Asian Carp

Working with experts around the globe, NOAA is developing ecological forecast models that will enhance policies, protocols, and barriers to prevent bighead and silver carp from entering the Great Lakes.

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