Sea Grant Outreach Capacity - Great Lakes Literacy (CGLL)

This project enhances the Center for Great Lakes Literacy’s vision to build a community of Great Lakes literate educators, students, scientists, environmental professionals, and citizen volunteers dedicated to improved Great Lakes stewardship.


  • Expand and strengthen our core network of experienced educators and scientists through additional training of exemplary educators interested in serving as mentor teachers
  • Further promote Great Lakes literacy by supporting educators, who want to extend learning and stewardship opportunities to students or colleagues, by way of providing stipends and guidance
  • 45 mentor teachers having worked with 100 mentees across the basin to incorporate Great Lakes education and stewardship in their educational programming

GLRI Funding

FY 2024: $1,015,000

FY 2022: $468,320

FY 2021: $563,197

FY 2020: $395,154

FY 2019: $363,088

FY 2016: $201,700