Enhancements to Decision Support Tools to Link Nutrient Reductions to Harmful Algal Blooms and Source Water Protection

The scope of proposed work is aimed to enhance current work under ‘Decision support tools to link nutrient reductions of HABs and source water’ projects.

  • Monitoring (Errera, Godwin, Chaganti): Intensive study on transformation of phosphorus from riverine inputs to summer blooms
  • Experiments (Carrick, Collis, Chaganti): Selective grazing and nutrient excretion in shaping phytoplankton composition during bloom succession
  • Satellite Remote Sensing (Stumpf, Hounshell): Nowcast Forecast improvement through data assimilation
  • Modeling and Forecasting (Rowe, Stow, Stumpf, Hounshell, Godwin): Transition probabilistic toxin forecast

GLRI Funding
FY2024: $891,975

FY2023: $1,689,975

FY2022: $1,950,133