Invasive Crayfish Collaborative

The organisms-in-trade pathway is a significant contributor to the continued spread of invasive species in the Great Lakes basin. Additionally, crayfish regulations vary widely around the Great Lakes region. The lack of regulatory uniformity within the basin makes the entire basin vulnerable to invasions through states with permissive regulations.

To help make progress toward regulatory uniformity, the Invasive Crayfish Collaborative (ICC) is working with state and federal agencies and organizations within the basin, including state and provincial ANS coordinators and the law enforcement committee of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, to summarize crayfish-related regulations and their interpretations. The ICC is also identifying those wholesalers who are supplying crayfish to retail outlets in the basin. By facilitating in-depth interactions, the ICC is working toward better integration of the research and communication aspects of the ICC and providing a forum for the development of a five-year comprehensive strategic plan.

FY 2023: $100,000

FY 2022: $265,000

FY 2021: $100,000

FY 2020: $100,000

Greg Hitzroth, IL-IN Sea Grant Program,; or