Model Development for Great Lakes Nutrient Adaptive Management

Under the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA), the United States and Canada are committed to setting nutrient loading targets and concentration objectives for nearshore and offshore waters of the Great Lakes to achieve lake ecosystem objectives. This project will develop and assess models that relate lake ecosystem objectives to nutrient concentrations and loading from the watershed, which may be used for decision support in implementation of the GLWQA. Pursuant to recommendations from the Science Advisory Board (SAB), the project will advance Great Lakes Nutrient Adaptive Management by: 1) Conducting model inter-comparisons, skill assessment, and benchmarking of new models and model components against existing models, 2) Developing and assessing current and new models and model components for key ecological processes, 3) Developing a community modeling approach through documentation of models and model components in the peer-reviewed literature and open documentation of model code, model inputs, and model outputs, and 4) Better linking lake models with monitored and estimated tributary loading.

GLRI Funding
FY2024: $218,000

FY2023: $196,000

FY2022: $216,000