Habitat: Completed projects

Coastal Land Conservation in the Great Lakes

The Coastal Land Conservation project will support coastal partners to permanently protect high priority coastal habitats within the Great Lakes watershed.  Great Lakes habitat protection will be accomplished via two existing NOAA land protection programs:  the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP) and the Great Lakes Areas of Concern Land Acquisition Program.  Both programs are administered in partnership with Great Lakes state Coastal Zone Management programs.

NOAA’s Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP) preserves and protects habitats with exceptional ecological, historical, and recreational value. GLRI funding has enabled CELCP to expand protection of vital Great Lakes coastal and estuarine habitat. To date, 535 acres of pristine Great Lakes coastal land has been permanently protected through the GLRI’s supplemental funding to the CELCP.

The Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOC) Land Acquisition Project is modeled after the CELCP program.  However, instead of solely focusing on ecologically intact habitat, the AOC Land Acquisition Project also targets areas that are high priority for habitat restoration. The Land Acquisition Project provides GLRI funds so that state and local agencies can purchase land in AOCs. 

Contact: Elizabeth.Mountz@noaa.gov

Monitoring and Restoration of Lake Superior Coastal Wetlands Manoomin

This project provides technical assistance and support for the protection and restoration of wild rice that is culturally significant to tribes in the Lake Superior basin.

Contact: Chiara.Zuccarino-crowe@noaa.gov