NOAA Regional Collaboration Mission: To identify, communicate, and respond to regional needs, catalyze collaboration, and connect people and capabilities to advance NOAA’s mission and priorities

NOAA’s Regional Collaboration is a network of NOAA employees and partners representing the agency’s diverse capabilities across the country. Eight geographic regions are represented by Regional Collaboration Teams, comprised of members representing line office mission interests and capabilities. NOAA has many partners with many needs, and demands for NOAA services are growing. Many of the complex challenges that drive NOAA mission are place based, and require interdisciplinary approaches and regionally tailored solutions. The Regional Collaboration Network addresses regional challenges by engaging and connecting people and resources within the regions and with headquarters, in ways that are rich in regional insight and that inform action. Through this work, NOAA’s Regional Collaboration effort improves the understanding of, and respect for NOAA’s broad mission and regional capabilities. Our vision of a unified and regional integrated NOAA is focused on service to the nation by meeting the evolving demands of regional stakeholders.