Framework for Resilient GLRI Investments

As a result of changing hydroclimatic conditions, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative investments have been impacted by high lake levels, and others are potentially vulnerable. Federal, state and local agencies and stakeholders have emphasized the need to better understand future conditions in the Great Lakes basin and how lake levels, ice coverage, waves and surge, and littoral transport would impact management decisions regarding coastal resources. The goal of this project is to integrate the expertise of federal agencies to improve the ability to design resilient coastal projects by forecasting the range in high and low water elevations, forecasting wave/surge intensity; and identifying areas susceptible to erosion and accretion. NOAA-GLERL will provide input to the USACE modeling team on the development of meteorological forcings for future scenarios that systematically explore the system’s vulnerabilities to changing future conditions, conduct additional modeling to inform the methodology, and provide input on model calibration. In addition, NOAA-GLERL will oversee the hydrological modeling component of the project and provide technical review of the draft modeling methodologies, model outputs, and technical documentation.

FY2021: $430,000