Foundations: Completed projects

Hardened Shoreline Ecological Indicator GIS

Understanding where hardened shoreline plays a role in identifying opportunities for littoral system restoration is a critical aspect of prioritizing work in an anthropomorphic system. NOAA used existing aerial imagery and ancillary data to develop a baseline hardened shoreline classification using the best available imagery to date.


Lake Ontario Benthic Macroinvetebrate Assessment

NOAA is part of a collaborative effort among government agencies and academic institutions to evaluate the composition and abundance of components in Lake Ontario’s benthic (bottom) zone.

NOAA’s Climate Projects

GLRI funds have helped NOAA to become a leader in coastal research, outreach, and education in the Great Lakes.  Multiple initiatives support climate research, adaptation, and resiliency plans for the Great Lakes region.


Supporting Great Lakes Clean Marina Certification Efforts

The Great Lakes Clean Marina Network and regional Clean Marina Programs promote environmentally sound marina and boating practices through the implementation of best management practices addressing petroleum control and spill prevention, stormwater management and boat maintenance.

Contact: Mike Fraker, Michigan Sea Grant,