Saginaw Ecosystem and Algal DYNamics (SEA-DYN): Sag Bay Nutrients and Algae Monitoring and Assessment

This project aims to assess Saginaw Bay’s nutrient dynamics and ecosystem ecology during ice-free periods, and to provide the empirical basis to develop models that will inform management scenarios. NOAA-GLERL and CIGLR propose to continue an intensive monitoring program that combines shipboard sampling and real-time instrumentation on buoys. This proposed work would build upon 10+ years’ experience delivering intensive monitoring in western Lake Erie and leverage our long-term research data from Saginaw Bay.

The monitoring program will include sampling cruises which will expand to April through October in 2024.  These sampling cruises will monitor key biological, chemical, and physical parameters, which will strengthen our understanding of the systems water quality and factors contributing to cyanobacteria bloom progression and toxicity within the lake. In 2024 we will expand our discrete sample collection to include collection at depth (1 m above the lake bottom) at the five outer bay sites once per month. In addition, we will enhance our collection of key water quality, nutrient, and carbon parameters through constructing and maintaining a flow-through system designed to measure chlorophyll a, phycocyanin, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH and pCO2, while the vessel is underway.  Buoy systems in the inner (SB14) and out bay (SB26) will also be maintained and calibrated. 

GLRI Funding
FY2024: $864,291

FY2023: $250,000

FY2022: $1,000,000

FY2021: $255,613