Synthesis, Observations And Response Under Ice

The SOAR system integrates coastal ecosystem models and water condition observations in support of Great Lakes restoration. These activities include:

  • Deployment and support of on-water and remote sensing platforms
  • Observations from these support systems to create database products for assessment
  • Decision support information for restoration, drinking water, and beach managers

SOAR Under Ice will attempt to provide the initial background high temporal resolution, real-time physical, chemical, and biological observations to improve our understanding of winter ecosystems and provide model and forecast validations. The project will deploy a short, cabled system providing observations of relevant year-round water quality (temperature, conductivity, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen) parameters through the winter ice season at one location in the Great Lakes. Acoustic sensors will measure waves, currents, and ice thickness for use in ice product modeling and forecasting.

GLRI Funding:

FY 2020: $350,000

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