GLANSIS: Science and Management Support

GLANSIS provides information to resource managers that is crucial to the effectiveness of projects, particularly in the identification of critical pathways for prevention, vulnerable locations for early detection monitoring, and impacted habitats for eradication/control.


2.1.3. Early detection and surveillance activities conducted. - GLANSIS provides baseline information supporting early detection and surveillance.

2.3.2. Collaboratives developed/enhanced. - GLANSIS supports/enhances Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Collaboratives including the Invasive Mussel Collaborative, Phragmites Collaborative, Invasive Crayfish Collaborative, Hydrilla Collaborative, Starry Stonewort Collaborative and the Round Goby Collaborative.

2.1.2. Projects that manage pathways through which invasive species can be introduced to the Great Lakes ecosystem. - GLANSIS gathers and analyzes information on AIS vectors and risks that supports prioritization and evaluation of pathway management.

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FY 2024: $541,300

FY 2023: $450,000

FY 2022: $582,018

FY 2021: $532,018

FY 2020: $300,000