Great Lakes Bay Education and Training Program

b-wet field study
Field Study 4: US Fish and Wildlife staff work with Transit Middle School students to identify macroinvertebrates as part of the Reinstein Nature Center B-WET grant, (Transit Middle School)

The Great Lakes B-WET region serves projects in the Great Lakes watershed in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Funded projects support the environmental priorities of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, committed to creating a new standard of care that will leave the Great Lakes better for the next generation.

B-WET is an environmental education program that provides competitive funding for projects that support place-based experiential learning for students and related professional development for teachers. The core component of B-WET funded projects is the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEEs), multi‐stage activities that include learning both outdoors and in the classroom.

B-WET Program Highlight

Get to Know Great Lakes B-WET video
Get to know the NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) program in the Great Lakes region through this profile of grantee, Inland Seas Education Association. Through their Great Lakes Watershed Field Course, they educate students and teachers on the importance of the Great Lakes watershed. Students featured here, inspired by their field experience, returned to Ohio motivated to take action to help their local watershed.

FY 2020 Grantees

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FY 2019 Grantees

FY 2018 Grantees

b-wet clear lake
Clear Lake Aquatics: Students investigate macroinvertebrates at Clear Lake Education Center as part of the Delta-Schoolcraft ISD B-WET grant. (Carol Gould)

FY 2017 Grantees

FY 2016 Grantees

b-wet snowshoeing with nps
Snowshoeing with NPS: Fourth-grade students from Bayfield WI explore the Lake Superior coast on snowshoes with staff from Apostle Islands National Lakeshore as a part of the Rivers2Lakes B-WET Project from University of Wisconsin-Superior. (Melissa Kjelvik)

FY 2012 Grantees

FY 2011 Grantees

FY2021: $964,200
FY2020: $900,000
FY2019: $890,000
FY2018: $890,000
FY2017: $786,000
FY2016: $796,700
FY2012: $427,468
FY2011: $998,000


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