About NOAA Education

Advancing NOAA's mission through education

NOAA Education keeps people informed and engaged in our planet’s dynamic environment, from space weather to fish migration patterns. We provide education resources, educator and student opportunities, and competitive funding for education projects.

NOAA’s mission of Science, Service, and Stewardship is emboldened by our educational opportunities for students, educators, and grantees. Learn more at noaa.gov/education.

The NOAA education community includes programs, partners, and individuals from across NOAA. NOAA educators are skilled translators who work with students, educators, and lifelong learners everywhere. We connect people with NOAA’s unique science, places, products, and services. 

The NOAA Education Council, with support from the NOAA Office of Education, helps guide the NOAA education community. Members include 16 programs from the National Weather Service, NOAA Fisheries, NOAA Research, National Ocean Service, and NOAA Satellites. The council leads work toward the goals of the NOAA Education Strategic Plan and reports progress

NOAA's mandate to educate

Congress defined NOAA's role in science education in the America Creating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology Education and Science Act of 2007, or America COMPETES. The America COMPETES Act was reauthorized in 2017 as the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act. This gives NOAA a broad mandate to educate the public, develop an education strategic plan, and evaluate our work. 

Congress has also authorized the education activities of individual programs through other laws. These laws complement the authority of the America COMPETES Act:

During Presentation Week, several members of the Educational Partnership Program Undergraduate Scholarship class that will graduate in 2015 visited Capitol Hill. (Left to right- Tiffany Barber, Ahsin Shabber, Kevin McCarty, Kelly Nunez, Chante Vines, Jamila Tull and Lawrence Walsh
Educational Partnership Program Undergraduate students visit Capitol Hill. (NOAA)