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NOAA Education works to promote and support the overall NOAA mission and vision of science, service, and stewardship. Now that NOAA Education is participating in many virtual conferences, we still want to share our resources as if we were meeting with conference attendees in person. Here you can find resources from the different conferences we participate in. Most of our educational resources are not copyrighted, so you may duplicate and even modify to fit your needs.

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Virtual conference booth

A painted lady butterfly rests on a NOAA Teacher at Sea flyer featuring a great white shark at the NOAA booth at NSTA in Seattle in December 2019.

NOAA Education participates in many education conferences throughout the year. We love meeting educators and helping them learn how to use our resources. Now that conferences are all virtual, we can't give out hard copies of our materials. But, we still want to share our resources with you!