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Bite-sized Science webinar seriesoffsite link

Presented by Florida Sea Grantoffsite link
For 6th grade - college students, educators, wildlife/habitat management employees, everyone
30 minutes, plus Q&A

These 30-minute webinars are presented by Florida Sea Grant extension agents and specialists. They focus on marine and coastal science topics, specifically related to Florida. Recordings of past webinars are available. 

Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center (CELC) Aquaculture Education webinar series

Presented by Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center Network
For educators (especially informal), scientists, adults
60 minutes

The CELC Aquaculture Initiative is designed to connect NOAA resources and experts and aquarium educators so that they can better communicate aquaculture science and issues to the public. The webinar series is a quarterly event, where various aquaculture experts talk about a variety of issues, from how seafood helps with public health to the science of breeding corals or saving an endangered mollusc. Anyone is welcome to attend. 

Every Full Moon Watch Party

Presented by NOAA Ocean Today
For 6th - 10th grade students, educators, parents, everyone
40 - 60 minutes
The NOAA Ocean Today Every Full Moon Watch Party is a monthly live webinar airing on or around the full moon. The show is hosted by Symone Barkley, an educator and marine biologist from the National Aquarium, and features other guests from NOAA and elsewhere. Each month features a different ocean topic, such as marine archaeology, beach safety, and hurricanes. Viewers are engaged with videos from the Ocean Today collection, interactive polls, hands-on activities, and a chance to ask questions of our experts.

Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips LIVEoffsite link

Presented by Florida Sea Grantoffsite link
For everyone
20 - 30 minutes

Learn about smart seafood choices, sustainable fisheries, and the health benefits of eating a diet rich in seafood. Explore the seasonality of Florida seafood and what can be substituted if a certain product is not available at your local market.

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Global Change, Local Impact Climate webinar seriesoffsite link

Presented by Ohio Sea Grantoffsite link
For educators, agency and university staff, adults
60 minutes

The OSU Climate Change Outreach Team is a partnership among multiple departments within The Ohio State University to help localize the climate change issue by bringing research and resources to Ohioans and Great Lakes residents.

Hurricanes at Home! webinar series

Presented by the National Hurricane Center
For 4th - 8th grade students
60 minutes

This webinar series from the National Hurricane Center features forecasters from local NWS Weather Forecast Offices, flight directors and other personnel from the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center, the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters, and international meteorological agencies.

Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) Practitioner webinar series

Presented by NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
For educators
60 minutes

The MWEE Practitioner Webinar Series is hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Program and the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office to advance practice around delivering Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences across the region.

National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series

Presented by Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
For educators
60 minutes

The National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series provides educators with educational and scientific expertise, resources and training to support ocean and climate literacy in the classroom. This series targets formal and informal educators that are engaging students (elementary through college) in formal classroom settings, as well as members of the community in informal educational venues (e.g. after school programs, science centers, aquariums, etc.).

NEDTalks: NOAA Environmental Data Talks

Presented by NOAA Satellite and Information Service
For scientists, adults
20 - 30 minutes

Learn more about the many applications of environmental data from NOAA and our partners, including how data can be transformed into visualizations to tell a story.

NOAA Live! 4 Kidsoffsite link

Presented by Woods Hole Sea Grantoffsite link and NOAA Regional Collaboration
For 2nd - 8th grade students
60 minutes

This webinar series was developed by NOAA's Regional Collaboration Network and Woods Hole Sea Grant at WHOI in response to the COVID school closures. The series ran live from March 16th - June 12th, 2020. Each webinar features a different NOAA expert/topic and a moderated question and answers session throughout so that students could get a peek at what our NOAA scientists do in all the various NOAA offices. They range in geography, content, and NOAA line office focus but are all designed to engage the students, answer their questions, and give them a glimpse of possible career options.
A YouTube playlist is also available.
Captions available in English and Spanish.

NOAA Live! Pacific Islands Interactive Webinar Series

Presented by NOAA Pacific Islands Region
For 2nd - 8th grade students
60 minutes

Interactive webinar series featuring NOAA experts from the Pacific Islands region. The webinars are designed to engage students with interactive polls, Q&A, follow-up activites, and give them a glimpse into potential NOAA careers.

NOAA Planet Stewards

Presented by National Ocean Service
For educators, 9th grade - college students, everyone
60 minutes

NOAA Planet Stewards Webinars are live broadcasts given by nationally recognized NOAA and NOAA partner scientists, educators and communicators. These events provide knowledge and resources that help educators build their understanding of NOAA related science as well as their pedagogic and communication skills.

Sanctuaries LIVE Interactions

Presented by Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
For educators
60 minutes

​Live events, tailored for students and run through Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants, will connect viewers with national marine sanctuary experts in research, education, and exploration in real time. Through the following programs, you will be able to learn about national marine sanctuaries and ask questions to leading experts in their field.
A YouTube playlist is also available. 

Weather 101 webinars

Presented by the National Weather Service
For K - college students, educators, everyone
30 - 60 minutes

Dig into dozens of presentations of weather science and safety and a variety of hazards and topics from clouds to severe weather to weather balloons and much more.