Background reading

If you want to dig a little deeper into one of our subject areas, this is the place to start! Explore information on weather, climate, the ocean, and coasts. Pages come with a suggested reading level.

A mentor and a student read papers while sitting at a table.

In this photo from the National Severe Storms Laboratory, a Hollings mentor and scholar look over materials. (Image credit: NOAA/NSSL)

Deep Ocean Education Project offsite link

Suggested reading level: Middle school and older

Dive into ocean exploration educational materials from NOAA Ocean Exploration, Ocean Exploration Trust, and Schmidt Ocean Institute. These materials are designed to support diverse learners and include image galleries, video highlights, student activities, and more. 

Fun facts about sea life

Suggested reading level: Late elementary and older

NOAA Fisheries answers thousands of questions every year about the oceans and the life that thrives within them. Learn fascinating information about fish and other marine animals, and dive deeper into more information on these species.

JetStream: An online school for weather

Suggested reading level: Middle school and older

Learn all about weather, from global and large-scale weather patterns to wind patterns to cloud formations and much more.

NOAA Education resource collections

Suggested reading level: Late high school and older

These collections on ocean and coasts, weather and atmosphere, climate, marine life, and freshwater include a broad introduction to the subjects, as well as recommended materials to learn more.

NOAA SciJinks

Suggested reading level: Middle school and older

NOAA SciJinks inspires and engages students to learn about weather, satellite meteorology and Earth science.

Ocean exploration facts

Suggested reading level: Middle school and older

These ocean exploration facts in this section provide short answers to common or intriguing ocean questions. The questions are organized in a series of categories; click on a category to learn more about these topics.

Ocean facts from the National Ocean Service

Suggested reading level: Middle school and older

Get answers to hundreds of questions about the ocean and coasts on topics like ocean life and ecosystems, maritime transportation, technology, ocean observations and much more. 

Octonauts corner

Suggested reading level: Elementary school

NOAA Ocean Exploration and the Octonauts offsite link have teamed up to bring you great deep-ocean information, to help you learn about and protect our ocean.