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Below you can find digital versions of many of the items we would have at our conference exhibit booths. Also check out additional links along the right side (if you're on desktop) or bottom (if you're on mobile) for programs and products we would have been promoting. As always, our resources are free. 

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Lessons, activities, and booklets

An artist rendition of a GPS satellite orbiting around the earth.
GPS STEM curriculum
An NGSS-aligned curriculum designed for middle and high school students that uses GPS concepts and activities to stimulate student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is America's ship for ocean exploration.
NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: Education materials collection
This large collection of lessons and activities was developed to encourage educators and students to become personally involved with the voyages and discoveries of the Okeanos Explorer – the only federal vessel dedicated to exploring our largely unknown ocean for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge about the deep ocean.
A coronal mass ejection bursting from the edge of the Sun, May 1, 2013.
Space weather: Storms from the Sun
Eruptions from the Sun’s surface can cause space weather storms that affect technology here on Earth. This booklet gives an introduction to space weather, how it's predicted, and how it impacts humans.
Cover page of the "What in the world is happening to our climate?" booklet
What in the world is happening to our climate?
This elementary activity book helps explain to students how weather over a long period of time describes climate, how sea level rise can affect coastal communities and environments, and how humans are contributing to climate change and what actions can help solve this problem.
A screenshot from showing the downloadable weather wheels.
Weather wheels from JetStream
This collection of printable "weather wheels" includes information of clouds, hurricanes, tides, and more. This website also includes other weather-related materials.
A rendering of what the water cycle paper craft from will look like once completed.
Water cycle paper craft from JetStream
Learn how the water cycle works using 3-D paper craft activity using legal-sized paper.

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Books and activity books

The cover of the NOAA Fisheries book, A Good Catch, by Taylor Morrison.
A Good Catch
A picture book introduction to NOAA Fisheries and how NOAA manages seafood.
The cover of Discover your changing world with NOAA: An activity book.
Discover your changing world with NOAA
This free activity book help you learn about Earth's climate system, the factors that drive and change it, the impacts of those changes, and what you can do to explore, understand, and protect our Earth.
Cover of the activity book, Discover your world with NOAA.
Discover your world with NOAA
This activity book was designed to help you learn more about our world, and how NOAA helps you to explore, understand, and protect our Earth.
Cowden illustrated three Teacher at Sea and one Teacher in the Air books.
NOAA Teacher at Sea books
Three Teacher at Sea and one Teacher in the Air books are available to download. These full color books are written at the middle school science level and include science and math activities and a glossary of terms.

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A section of the cloudwise cloud chart from
This two-sided poster shows the different types of clouds on one side and describes how the jet stream impacts our weather on the other.
A screen shot of the "How GPS works" poster from
How GPS works
This educational poster explains the basic concepts behind the Global Positioning System. It is designed for science and math students in middle school and high school.
A screen shot of the space weather poster from the Space Weather Prediction Center and Office of Education.
Space weather and impacts
Learn what space weather is and how it impacts our life here on Earth with this two-sided poster.
A screen shot of the garbage patch poster from the Marine Debris Program
What we know about the "garbage patches"
Learn all about garbage patches, including why this is a misnomer for what is happening.

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Teaching guides

The cover of the The Essential Principles of Climate Literacy.
Essential principles of climate literacy
This guide includes information on how to teach about Earth’s climate, impacts of climate change, and approaches to adaptation or mitigation. Principles in the guide can serve as discussion starters or launching points for scientific inquiry. (Also available in Spanish)
The cover of the Ocean literacy principles and fundamental concepts brochure.
Ocean literacy principles and fundamental concepts (2020 update)
A comprehensive guide for educators on the principle ideas and concepts in ocean science.
Schematic  of the climate action learning process from the Toolbox for teaching climate & energy
Toolbox for teaching climate & energy
This resource provides a path teachers can follow to educate students about climate and energy science, develop the skills to take action, and then reevaluate teaching methods.