Virtual conference booth

NOAA Education participates in many education conferences throughout the year. We love meeting educators and helping them learn how to use our resources. Can’t make it to the conference, or simply looking for the digital version of our materials? Check out our virtual booth!

A painted lady butterfly rests on a flyer on a table full of educational materials at a conference.

A painted lady butterfly rests on a NOAA Teacher at Sea flyer featuring a great white shark at the NOAA booth at NSTA in Seattle in December 2019. (Image credit: NOAA Education)

Explore our virtual booth to find digital versions of many of the items we have at our conference exhibit booths. As always, our resources are free.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us at with any questions you have about our education resources.

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Lessons and activities

View lessons and activities

Science on a Sphere paper globe cutouts

3-D paper craft activities featuring real Earth data built to better understand global systems and patterns.

Ships and planes trading cards

A complete set of educational trading cards that feature the ships and planes of NOAA.

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: Education materials collection

A collection of lessons and activities that will help you and your students become immersed in the voyages and discoveries of the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.

Weather wheels from JetStream

A collection of printable "weather wheels" including information on clouds, hurricanes, tides, and more. 

Water cycle paper craft from JetStream

A 3-D paper craft activity built to understand the processes of the water cycle.

Books and activity books

View books and activity books

Climate Resilience in Your Community activity book

An activity book that challenges students to think about their own communities and steps they can take to become more community resilient to climate change.

Understanding marine debris activity book

An activity book that helps students understand the source of marine debris, the problems it causes, and solutions for a cleaner ocean.

What in the world is happening to our climate?

An elementary activity book helps explain to students how weather over a long period of time describes climate. Learn about sea level rise, contributions of climate change, and actions to mitigate the issues of climate change.

Space weather: Storms from the Sun

A booklet that gives an introduction to the topic of space weather and explains not only how it's predicted, but how it impacts humans.

Discover your changing world with NOAA

An activity book with a focus on Earth's climate system and the factors that drive, change, and impact it.

Discover your world with NOAA

An activity book with a focus on how NOAA helps explore, understand, and protect our Earth.

A Good Catch

A picture book introduction to NOAA Fisheries and how NOAA manages seafood.


View posters

NOAA cloudwise/weatherwise poster

A poster illustrating different types of clouds with an explanation on how the jet stream impacts our weather.

Sanctuaries anniversary posters

Posters which commemorate the 50th anniversary of NOAA Sanctuaries by featuring different National Marine Sanctuaries. 

Ten signs of a warming world

A poster explaining the climate indicators behind the scientific evidence that our world is warming.

NOAA at 50: By the numbers infographic

An infographic used to better explain the work of NOAA.

How GPS works

A poster explaining the basic concepts behind the Global Positioning System.

Space weather and impacts

A poster explaining space weather how it impacts our life here on Earth.

What we know about the "garbage patches"

A poster with facts about garbage patches, including why the phrase ‘garbage patch” is a misnomer for what is happening.

Teaching guides

View teaching guides

Ocean literacy principles and fundamental concepts offsite link

A guide for educators on the principle ideas and concepts in ocean science.

Essential principles of climate literacy

A guide for learning how to teach about Earth’s climate, impacts of climate change, and approaches to adaptation or mitigation. (Also available in Spanish)

An Educator’s Guide to the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE)

A manual designed to walk through the processes of the MWEE framework: Compelling hands-on opportunities for students to explore local environmental issues through sustained, teacher-supported programming.

Toolbox for teaching climate & energy

A resource for teachers to educate students about climate and energy science, develop the skills to take action, and then reevaluate teaching methods.

Professional development opportunities

View professional development opportunities

Educator opportunities

Find information about educational opportunities that are available to educators through NOAA. 

Planet Stewards

NOAA Planet Stewards provides all educators working with elementary through college-aged students access to opportunities and resources enabling them to build up scientifically literate individuals and communities, and preparing them to respond to environmental challenges.

Teacher at Sea

This program offers educators a unique opportunity to join NOAA scientists aboard an ocean research vessel as a member of the science team.

Opportunities from the American Meteorological Society offsite link

Enhance your knowledge of Earth system science and earn graduate credit through AMS Education’s teacher professional development programs.

NOAA and NOAA-affiliate education websites

View NOAA and NOAA-affiliate education websites

NOAA Sea to Sky: Education resource database

Get access to 1,000+ educational resources created by NOAA and our partners in our searchable database.

NOAA in your backyard

Get connected to NOAA guest speakers, field trips, and professional development in your area.

NOAA student opportunities

Find information about educational opportunities that are available throughout NOAA.

Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) offsite link

Access a reviewed collection of free, high-quality teaching materials for teaching climate and energy.

Data in the Classroom

Students use historical and real-time NOAA data to explore today’s most pressing environmental issues.

JetStream: An online school for weather

Learn about weather with comprehensive, well-organized, colorfully illustrated curricula designed to help teach about the wonders and dangers that abound in the Earth's atmosphere.

Ocean Today video collections

View the beauty and mystery of the ocean realm captured on video around the globe.

Ocean Exploration education portal

Dive in here to explore deep-sea phenomena and resources to support classroom instruction and inspire students to better understand our ocean planet.

Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay K-12 curriculum

A NOAA science module development for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Science on a Sphere Explorer mobile app

SOS Explorer® (SOSx) is a flat screen version of the widely popular Science On a Sphere® (SOS) that visualizes information provided by satellites, ground observations, and computer models.

SciJinks: Weather and satellites education

Inspires and engage students to learn about weather, satellite meteorology, and Earth science.