Art activities

Looking for a creative outlet? Sharpen your colored pencils, grab your favorite markers, or dip into your paint palettes with these coloring pages and art contests from NOAA programs!

A drawing of three ocean sunfish (Mola mola) on a watery background.
“Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola)” by Chan P.Y., Grade 12, is a winner of the Marine Art Contest 2019. Winning art is posted on the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary website. (Image credit: Chan P.Y.)

Coloring books and pages

An ocean of art

This new coloring book from the Office of Ocean Exploration and Research and several partners inspires everyone to learn about and appreciate the ocean. Download individual coloring sheets or the whole book and visit the links to learn more about each featured animal.

Community resilience coloring page

Get creative with this coloring page and explore some of the ways communities can become more resilient against extreme weather, climate change, and other environmental hazards.

GOES-R fun activity book

Learn about the GOES-R weather satellites with this book full of coloring pages and puzzles. 

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary activity books and coloring pages

The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary has several different activity books, coloring pages, and puzzles to enjoy.

Marine Debris Program activity books

The NOAA Marine Debris Program has several activity books, which include coloring pages, word games, and more.

Museum of MOSAiC Art offsite link

Inspired by the Arctic? Submit artwork to the Museum of MOSAiC Art in conjunction with the MOSAiC expedition offsite link

National marine sanctuaries coloring pages and puzzles

The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries has several coloring pages and puzzles featuring sanctuary ecosystems.

National Weather Center coloring book offsite link

Learn about the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma with this new coloring book. Explore sights and faces from their one-of-a-kind building!

Owlie Skywarn coloring book

This coloring book from the National Weather Service explores hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, floods, and winter storms.

Pumpkin carving templates

“Carve” out some time for some Halloween (or anytime!) fun! These pumpkin carving templates take you on an adventure from satellites far above our heads to sea creatures in the depths of the ocean. 

Regional coastal activity books

These books feature coloring pages and activities about coastal ecosystems.

Salmon mural coloring sheet

NOAA Fisheries' giant salmon mural has been shrunk down into a black and white line coloring sheet. Inside of the large salmon, there are many intricacies that show how people are degrading and restoring salmon habitat.

SciJinks pumpkin carving templates

Try out these four fun weather and satellite pumpkin carving templates!

SciJinks weather coloring pages

Color and learn about weather with these printable coloring pages, brought to you by the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites — R Series weather satellites. 

Sharks and rays in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary offsite link

Download this fun coloring book to discover the sharks and rays of the Channel Islands. This 20-page coloring book has species descriptions, samples of natural colors, a matching activity and 11 x 17 coloring poster. 

Under the sea ABCs offsite link

Focusing on sharks rays, and skates, this 26-page coloring book has a fact and coloring page for each letter of the alphabet.


Art contests

Note: Even while these contests are closed, you may enjoy exploring the past winners and we still encourage you to create your own art!

Marine Endangered Species Art Contest

NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Region encourages K-12 artists to celebrate marine endangered species. Submission period is mid-February to mid-April. Contact with any questions.

Marine Debris Program art contest and calendar 

The NOAA Marine Debris Program holds an annual art contest open to K-8 students in public, private, and home schools in the U.S. states and territories. Marine debris is a global issue and engaging our youth is an important part of addressing the problem. The resulting calendar, featuring the winning artwork, provides a daily reminder of how important it is for us to be responsible stewards of the ocean. 
Submission period closes in mid-December. Contact with any questions.

Stellwagen Bank Marine Art Contest offsite link

With submissions ranging from tiny plankton to giant whales, students from anywhere in the world are invited to submit artwork that explores the biodiversity of Stellwagen Bank sanctuary.
Submission period closes in early May. Contact with any questions.