Elementary resources: NOAA careers

Career opportunities within NOAA and NOAA Corps

4th - 5th grade • Links to standards
Students select a NOAA career to research and present their what they learn to the class.

Fisheries biologist, fisheries biologist… What do you see?

K - 1st grade
Students learn about the role of a fisheries biologist in a nod to the familiar book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear…What Do You See?

NOAA career personality test

3rd - 5th grade
Students take a NOAA career personality test to identify which NOAA career is the best fit for them.

Ocean careers for everyone

5th grade
Students research careers and make a creative project such as a brochure, poster, or infomercial to present to the class.

See the sea with NOAA

4th - 5th grade • Links to standards
Students watch career videos featuring the crew of NOAA Research Vessel Oregon II. They then choose choose a career, research it, and create a brochure.