Elementary resources: NOAA careers

Elementary students climbing down stairs from a NOAA plane. Two NOAA crew are on the ground with other students and teachers.
More than 2500 students in the 4th and 5 grade took a tour of the NOAA WD-3D Orion Aircraft and met the crews who fly into the storms. The kids will take that information home to see if their families are ready for hurricanes. May 9, 2019. (NOAA)

NOAA career personality test offsite link

3rd - 5th grade
Students take a NOAA career personality test to identify which NOAA career is the best fit for them.

Ocean careers for everyone offsite link

5th grade
Students research careers and make a creative project such as a brochure, poster, or infomercial to present to the class.

See the sea with NOAA offsite link

4th - 5th grade • Links to standards
Students watch career videos featuring the crew of NOAA Research Vessel Oregon II. They then choose choose a career, research it, and create a brochure.