Educational and Funding Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

NOMEC works with partners to educate the next generation of diverse ocean explorers and scientists. An inclusive science, technology, education, and mathematics (STEM)-literate and ocean-literate workforce is fundamental to ocean innovation and for the Nation to best harness the potential benefits gained from the NOMEC Strategy. The products of the NOMEC Strategy will be incorporated into education and outreach to support an ocean-literate society, develop a blue workforce (those employed in ocean-related industries), and inspire the public.

General education:

Scholarships and Fellowships:





Funding Opportunities

Several opportunities to fund activities related to ocean mapping, exploration, and characterization exist across the Federal landscape. Below is a subset of these opportunities; please click below to learn more. 

Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry Funding Opportunities  offsite link

NCCOS Funding Opportunities

NOAA Ocean Exploration Funding Opportunities

NOAA Brennan Matching Fund

NSF Ocean Sciences Funding Opportunities

NASA Funding Opportunities