National Oceanographic Partnership Program (IWG-NOPP)

The National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) facilitates partnerships between Federal agencies, academia, and industry to advance ocean science research and education. Through this collaboration, Federal agencies can leverage resources to invest in priorities that fall between agency missions or that are too large for any single agency to support. Members of the IWG-NOPP include agencies across the Federal government, and partnerships may include non-government sectors. 

Since 1997, NOPP has funded over 200 projects that address ocean and climate science, climate adaptation change, education, economic development, quality of life, and national security. NOPP projects span a broad range of topics in oceanographic research, including environmental monitoring, ocean exploration, earth systems modeling, technology development, and marine resource management. Beginning in 2021, the Ocean Policy Committee is responsible for monitoring the management of the NOPP Program Office as directed by legislation. The NOPP continues to support the activities of its Federal partners, the interagency committees under the Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology, and Ocean Resources Advisory Panel in carrying out and reporting activities that work towards achieving the goals in the National Ocean Policy for the Stewardship of the Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes.