Public and Tribal Engagement

Public Engagement 

The NOMEC Council recognizes that public input into implementing the NOMEC Strategy must be iterative and sustained to foster best results. As directed by the NOMEC Strategy, the Council will convene an annual ocean mapping and exploration forum among Federal agencies, State, Territorial, Tribal, private industry, academic, non-governmental organizations, and private constituents with diverse backgrounds, sectors, and interests. 

The NOMEC Implementation Plan outlines numerous opportunities for stakeholders across all sectors to provide input in planning and implementing the NOMEC Strategy goals to map, characterize, and explore the United States EEZ. There will be ongoing opportunities for public input through Federal Advisory Committees, Requests for Information, workshops, listening sessions, and other forums. In addition to the traditional outreach methods of Federal Register notices and advisory committees, the NOMEC Council aims to create and showcase an expanded model for collaboration that includes greater participation from non-Federal entities in the process from the outset. Opportunities for cross-sector partnerships will be pursued through a variety of mechanisms, including research partnerships, prizes and competitions, and innovative funding mechanisms. Through more frequent and varied avenues for public input, the NOMEC Implementation Plan will remain adaptable and agile to respond to partner needs and feedback.

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Tribal Engagement

The NOMEC Council recognizes that government-to-government engagement with Tribal Nations and public input processes must be iterative and sustained to foster meaningful partnerships. The first NOMEC Tribal Listening Session was held in January of 2021, and NOMEC will continue to engage with Tribal Nations on the implementation of the Strategy.