NAO 200-4: NOAA Distribution System

Issued 8/20/91; Effective 08/09/91; Reviewed: Pending Revocation


This Order establishes the basic structure of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Distribution System for initial distribution of printed material. The objectives of the NOAA Distribution System are to:

01. promote the most efficient and economical distribution of printed material;

02. integrate the distribution function with the related services of printing the computer-processing of mailing lists;

03. allow for the orderly and timely distribution of printed material; and

04. provide for timely updating to the distribution automated system.


This Order applies to all publications and other media requiring the distribution services of the NOAA Duplicating and Distribution Facility (OA331). The material may be originated within NOAA or by an outside agency (Rider Requisition) in which case, NOAA approval has been obtained for distribution. This also applies to NOAA elements in the field which require the receipt of material or other distribution services provided by OA331. This does not apply to maps and charts that are contracted out for distribution by the National Ocean Service (NOS).


.01 The Office of Administration, Procurement, Grants and Administrative Services Office (PGAS), OA3 is responsible for the overall management and operation of the NOAA Distribution System. PGAS will appoint a Distribution Manager who will be the central control point for developing standards and establishing criteria applicable for the operation of the NOAA Distribution System. In addition to the above, the NOAA Distribution Manager, Administrative Services Division, Support Services Branch (OA333), shall be responsible for:

a. developing and maintaining the NOAA Distribution System for initial distribution;

b. Ensuring that instructions for updating distribution lists submitted by distribution coordinators for originating distribution requirements are completed;

c. Publishing schedules for distribution list updates;

d. Updating NOAA Distribution System simultaneously when changes, deletions, and/or additions are received;

e. Notifying all distribution coordinators to update their distribution lists every six months;

f. Providing distribution coordinators within thirty (30) days after submission a revised mailing list reflecting all changes, deletions, and/or additions;

g. Receiving and investigating complaints of delayed receipt or non-receipt of material; and

h. Continually evaluating the overall distribution plan in terms of improving cost effectiveness and efficiency.

.02 Each Line Office and Staff Office Director shall appoint one or more distribution coordinators for their NOAA headquarters organizations.

.03 Each Director, Administrative Support Center shall appoint a distribution coordinator for their NOAA/DOC field organizations.

.04 Distribution Coordinators designated by Sections 3.02 and 3.03 of this Order shall be responsible for:

a. Serving as the contact and maintaining the accuracy of distribution lists within their area of responsibility;

b. reviewing requests for creation of distribution lists; (Reviews will be conducted to assure that the proposed lists are in accordance with the criteria established for the NOAA Distribution System.)

c. eliminating duplicate distribution lists and addresses;

d. notifying NOAA Distribution Manager (OA333) of changes in organization, addresses, or number of employees within their area of responsibility;

e. providing special instruction when, under unusual conditions, a nonstandard distribution list is required; and

f. providing updated distribution lists to NOAA Distribution Manager in accordance with prescribed schedules.

.05 Appointing Officials, as outlined in Sections 3.02 and 3.03 of this Order herein, shall submit the names of their distributing coordinators to the NOAA Distribution Manager (OA333) no later than fifteen (15) days after issuance of this Order.


This Order supersedes NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 200-4, NOAA Distribution System, dated February 11, 1991.


Acting Director, Office of Administration

Office of Primary Interest:
Office of Administration Procurement, Grants and Administrative Services Office Administrative Services Division
Support Services Branch (OA333)