NAO 214-8: NOAA Mail Management Handbook

Issued 05/11/99; Effective 05/19/99 Reviewed Last: In Process



.01 This Order is a revision and reissuance of the existing Order which prescribes authority and responsibility for the development, maintenance, and issuance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Mail Management Handbook.

.02 The Order separates the NOAA Mail Management Handbook from the NOAA Administrative Order series and authorizes its issuance, under separate cover, in accordance with provisions of the NOAA Handbook Series.


.01 Issuance of the NOAA Mail Management Handbook (the Handbook) is authorized in Section 11.030 of the Department of Commerce Mail Management Manual, which states that mailrooms and Operating Units shall take steps to promote the effective and efficient use of mail services within their service areas. The Handbook augments and supplements the Mail Management Manual's policies and procedures and is intended to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of NOAA's Mail Program.

.02 The Handbook prescribes the policies, procedures, and guidelines for NOAA's Mail Program. The Handbook also is intended to provide daily guidance and instructions to all NOAA personnel having frequent contact with either incoming or outgoing mail.

.03 The Handbook applies to all NOAA elements and has the same force, effect, and authority as this Order.


.01 The Office of Finance and Administration, Acquisition, Grants, and Facilities Services Office, Administrative Services Division, Document Services Branch, shall be responsible for preparing, clearing, issuing, maintaining, and distributing the NOAA Mail Management Handbook. The Document Services Branch shall review and revise the Handbook, as necessary, in order to keep it current with applicable policies, regulations, and/or guidance issued by the U.S. General Services Administration, the U.S. Postal Service, and/or the Department of Commerce. The Handbook, and its future updates, will be issued via sequentially numbered Transmittal Sheets.

.02 The Chief, Administrative Services Division, shall review the contents of the Handbook and any subsequent updates prior to their issuance. Concurrence will be indicated by signature on the sequentially numbered Transmittal Sheets that will accompany each issuance or update to the Handbook. The Chief may request prior review and concurrence by NOAA's Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer on updates which are potentially controversial.

.03 The Handbook will adhere to all requirements of NOAA Administrative Order 200-3, The NOAA Administrative Order Series, as listed in Section 5.02, "Handbooks and Manuals." It will be issued in loose-leaf form to allow for ease of updating. The Document Services Branch will maintain a list of officials and organizations who will receive a printed copy of the Handbook. An electronic version of the Handbook will be maintained on-line by the Document Services Branch.


This Order supersedes NOAA Administrative Order 214-8, NOAA Mail Management Handbook, dated March 12, 1992.


Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Office of Primary Interest:
Office of Finance and Administration
Acquisition, Grants and Facilities Services Office
Administrative Services Division
Document Services Branch