NAO 206-6: Copying Equipment


NOAA Circular 01-02; Effective 08/06/91; Last Review: In Process
Filed as: NAO 206-6

SUBJECT: Copying Equipment
TO: All NOAA Elements in the Washington, D.C. Area


This Circular prescribes procedures and responsibilities for the acquisition, relocation, and disposition of copying equipment in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) copying equipment for the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB).


Reference Department Administrative Order (DAO) 206-6, "Copying Equipment," citing the basic copy management policy for all Department of Commerce (DOC) agencies; and a memorandum dated November 15, 1994, from the Director, Office of Administrative Operations, transferring several administrative functions associated with copying equipment from the Office of the Secretary to the bureaus.


For purpose of this Circular, copying equipment is defined as:

a. equipment providing administrative copying requirements and controlled by the NOAA Copy Manager to ensure that work does not exceed 500 copies of any one page or the total of 5,000 copies in the aggregate of multiple pages (work exceeding these limits should be reproduced in a Copy Center, the NOAA Duplicating Plant, or on contract through the NOAA Printing and Reprographics Branch);

b. equipment whose primary function is to reproduce a paper copy but which may include such features as faxing, scanning, network capabilities, and other new technology as introduced when combined with copiers/duplicators, shall be construed as copiers/duplicators; and

c. equipment which can provide either black and white or color copies.


.01 Purchase Card Procedures:

Line Offices/Staff Offices (LOs/SOs), with appropriate office approval, may use their purchase card to purchase copiers that cost less than the amount set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulations, Part 13.106-1, Purchases at or below the micro-purchase threshold, currently $2,500. [NOTE: Although micro-purchases do not need competition, it is suggested that several copiers be reviewed to assure best selection to meet the need.] The following procedures apply to a purchase card acquisition.

a. Upon selection of a copier, the Copier Accountability Officer (CAO) shall send an e-mail to the NOAA Copy Manager providing the following information:

-- the make, model, accessories and features of the equipment, and the purchase price;

-- the name of the organizational unit procuring the equipment and its proposed location;

-- the Property Custodian's name, Custodian Number, and telephone number; and

-- a brief justification for the need of the equipment.

b. The NOAA Copy Manager will review the information and, if approved, will send the requester, by return e-mail, authorization to purchase under the purchase card program. In addition, a copy of the authorization e-mail will be sent to the NOAA Personal Property Team and to the NOAA Small Purchase Branch.

c. The CAO shall attach a copy of the authorization e-mail to the purchase card statement and submit them to the NOAA Finance Office.

d. The CAO shall complete NOAA Form 50-6, Copier Acquisition Report (see attachment), and submit it to the NOAA Copy Manager after installation of the new copier equipment.

.02 CD-435 Procedures:

a. The requesting LO/SO shall contact the NOAA Copy Manager to discuss their copier requirements. The NOAA Copy Manager shall determine whether there is a copier in the immediate vicinity of the requesting office that could be shared due to underuse or whether a new copier is warranted.

b. If there is an underused copier in the vicinity of the requesting LO/SO, the NOAA Copy Manager shall contact the appropriate CAO to arrange for shared use and cost, i.e., supplies and maintenance. This process saves resources, assists the sharing office in making full use of its copier, eliminates the need to procure an additional copier, and ensures compliance with Section 6.03 of DAO 206-6.

c. If there is not an underused copier in the vicinity of the requesting LO/SO, the NOAA Copy Manager shall provide the CAO with the following:

-- the name and telephone number of at least three (3) General Services Administration (GSA) scheduled copier representatives whose copying equipment meets the requester's stated requirements;

-- a copy of this Circular; and

-- a sample CD-435 requisition package.

d. Upon receipt of the above, the requesting LO/SO shall contact each of the copy vendors to arrange a demonstration and obtain a cost proposal on their respective copier. Each proposal shall be based on the same standards (e.g., anticipated monthly volume, required standard and optional features).

e. After preliminary review, analysis, and selection of a copier, the requesting LO/SO shall prepare a memorandum to the NOAA Copy Manager with a justification statement and Form CD-435, Procurement Request Package. The justification statement shall include, at a minimum, the following information:

-- the name of the organizational unit that will procure the equipment and be responsible for funding its operation, and the method of procuring the equipment (i.e., rent, lease-to-own-plan (LTOP), or purchase);

-- the make, model, accessories (i.e., document feeder, collator, reduction/enlargement, stapler, etc.), other functions (i.e., fax, scanner, networking, etc.), rental/LTOP cost or purchase price, and maintenance cost of the equipment selected;

-- proposed equipment location (address, including building and room number);

-- proposed environment: single office or multi-office use (i.e., shared use);

-- requirements that warrant a change in present copying procedures to include, if appropriate, an explanation of why other functions (i.e., scanner, fax, networking, etc.) in combination with the copier are needed to satisfy the office's business equipment needs;

-- estimated total monthly copies to be produced and the basis used to determine that volume;

-- a separate cost comparison chart of at least three GSA copiers that includes the cost of supplies and maintenance -- the cost comparison is to include the one selected and two others that were considered but not selected (include copies of each of the three cost proposals) and, as appropriate, a statement as to why a copier other than the least costly alternative was selected;

-- proposed disposition of equipment to be replaced (if applicable); and

-- the name and telephone number of the CAO or designated person who will (a) monitor the use of the equipment, (b) provide the monthly meter readings to the vendor, (c) review and certify invoices for payment of rental/LTOP fees, and (d) generate all reports as required.

f. The requesting LO/SO shall obtain the proper signature/ concurrence on the memorandum and the CD-435 from their organizations and forward the copier package, consisting of the justification memorandum, CD-435, cost comparison chart, and copies of all cost proposals, to the NOAA Copy Manager for consideration and approval.

g. Upon receipt of the copier package, the NOAA Copy Manager shall review the justification:

-- if it is determined that the acquisition of a copier is not warranted, the NOAA Copy Manager shall prepare a memorandum giving the reasons why the request was disapproved and suggest alternatives regarding the requester's copying requirements;

-- if the request exceeds the NOAA Copy Manager's delegated authority, the NOAA Copy Manager shall forward the copier package to the Department of Commerce Copy Manager with a recommendation for approval, with a copy of the forwarding memorandum to the requester;

-- if it is determined that the acquisition of a copier is warranted and properly justified within the NOAA Copy Manager's delegated authority, the NOAA Copy Manager shall:

-- approve the Form CD-435;

-- obtain property concurrence from the NOAA Personal Property Team; and

-- forward the copier request package to the NOAA Small Purchase Branch for processing.


Copiers should be placed in well-ventilated areas and away from employees' workstations to minimize copier over-heating and disruption to the workforce. Copiers will be installed by the vendor's representatives.


.01 NOAA Copy Manager shall:

a. serve as the liaison with the Department of Commerce Copy Manager on all matters pertaining to the copy management program in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area;

b. ensure NOAA's implementation of the Department of Commerce copy management program in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area;

c. approve or deny requests to acquire copier equipment within the NOAA Copy Manager's delegated authority;

d. evaluate and forward requests with recommendations to the Department of Commerce Copy Manager if the request exceeds the NOAA Copy Manager's delegated authority; and

e. serve as liaison between the vendor and the LOs/SOs on technical matters.

.02 NOAA Small Purchase Branch shall:

a. process the procurement request for the selected copier; and

b. serve as liaison between the vendor and the LOs/SOs on all contractual matters.

.03 NOAA LOs/SOs shall:

a. follow the procedures listed above for acquiring a copier;

b. assign an individual from their LOs/SOs to serve as the CAO/requisition contact for the copier (this individual should be listed as the contact on the CD-435 and be able to answer all questions pertaining to the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of the copier);

c. complete and forward NOAA FORM 50-6, Copier Acquisition Report (attached), to the NOAA Copy Manager upon installation of new copier equipment;

d. log monthly meter readings and, if applicable, provide vendors with this information for lease/rental and maintenance purposes;

e. review and certify all copier-related invoices before payment;

f. prepare and submit Form CD-435 to the Small Purchase Branch for renewal of copier maintenance contracts and other copier transactions (i.e., supplies) as required by Procurement cut-off dates;

g. provide the NOAA Copy Manager with the following information by October 31 of each year:

a completed NOAA FORM 50-7, Individual Copier Inventory Record (see attachment), covering the prior fiscal year; and

a statement of any anticipated changes in copying requirements or copying equipment during the current fiscal year;

h. report termination of copying equipment leases/rentals to the NOAA Copy Manager in writing within 30 calendar days of termination; and

i. dispose of NOAA-owned copying equipment in accordance with the NOAA Personal Property Handbook published by the headquarters Personal Property Team.


This Circular supersedes NOAA Circular 96-07, filed as NAO 206-6, dated November 1, 1996.


Chief Financial Officer /Chief Administrative Officer


Office of Primary Interest:
Facilities Services Division
Printing and Reprographics Branch